Different tips and tricks of Clash Clans

Who wouldn’t want to protect their clan and have all the castles at the end? Clash of clans is surely one of the most interesting games because you will feel like you are in the game yourself. Playing this game will be a little tough because other players might have an experience of being kind in the game. You can download Clash of Clans here.

clash of clans Apk

clash of clans Apk

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Tips and tricks to play clash of clans

Here are a few tips and tricks for clash of clans that will help you to play the game:

  1. Keep your clash of clans accounts safe by keeping all the details to yourself.
  2. Now save as many gems as you can.
  3. Keep repairing castles.
  4. Maximize your reserves of gold.
  5. Try to attach your opponent’s town hall.
  6. Before you attack your opponent’s castle, empty them.
  7. Never throw all of your troops at once.
  8. Keep improving your military camps.


How to win over your opponents?

It would help if you prioritized attacking your opponent’s halls before they attach yours.

How to make your position strong in the game?

The best way of maintaining your strong image in the game is by improving your military camps.

How do I be wise while playing clash of clans?

Don’t get extra enthusiastic, and keep your calm. Don’t throw all of your troops in the game at once.