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July 19, 2022
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Crunchyroll premium apk is a mobile app that provides anime lovers access to their favorite shows on the go. Crunchyroll offers an affordable monthly or annual subscription fee for cutting-edge content delivered straight to your phone!

It provides you with the best in anime entertainment. Crunchyroll is an online platform, which supplies information on and allows users to view Japanese animation or “anime”. It markets its service by supporting different platforms such as a website, mobile apps, forums, curation services, social media channels like Twitch TV and Facebook. Crunchyroll currently streams more than 25 new series each season exclusively simulcasting from Japan without any a leading licensed video streaming service for East (and South) Asian media including animated shows and live-action features. Discover the newest features that will shape your experience:

  • New content added weekly – over 600 hours per year of today’s latest Anime programming!

You will get a trial period for using this application for free. After the free trial period if you want to be the premium user of the application you will need to get a premium subscription. You will be able to enjoy anime shows on this application but once you become a premium customer you will be able to enjoy more perks and features of it.

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The Crunchyroll app lets you watch all of your favorite Japanese cartoons on the go or at home, with thousands of hours available to stream just about instantly from classics such as ” “Dragon Ball Z,” and “Lucky Star” to new favorites.

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Table of Contents

Benefits of Crunchyroll premium apk download on your device:

If you still think that there is no reason for Crunchyroll premium apk free download on your device then let’s have look at the following benefits you will get:

  1. Download Crunchyroll premium apk file for a better anime experience
  2. While watching your favorite Japanese anime show and manga you might get interrupted by useless ads. Once you download Crunchyroll premium apk you won’t get interrupted by such unwanted ads.
  3. You can even download videos on the application. You can watch the downloaded items while you are using the application in an offline mood.
  4. If you get a premium account subscription then you will be able to enjoy more perks of this application.
  5. Anime shows episodes will get uploaded on the application after only one hour of airing in Japan.
  6. You will be able to enjoy the videos in HD quality.

Features of  Crunchyroll Premium Apk

1. Exclusive Anime Series

Exclusive anime series on Crunchyroll Premium Apk are shows that are specifically curated and produced for premium members. These series are not accessible to users of the regular Crunchyroll app, making them highly sought after by anime enthusiasts. Exclusive anime series often have unique storylines, exceptional animation, and captivating characters that keep viewers hooked from the first episode. It offers several benefits when it comes to exclusive anime series. Let’s explore some of the advantages of accessing these series through the premium application:

a. Widening the Anime Horizon

Exclusive anime series on Crunchyroll Premium Apk provide an opportunity to explore a broader range of content. By going beyond the regular catalog, premium members can discover new and exciting shows that they might not have encountered otherwise. It allows anime enthusiasts to broaden their horizons and experience different genres, art styles, and storytelling techniques.

b. Unveiling Hidden Gems

With exclusive anime series, Crunchyroll Premium Apk introduces viewers to hidden gems within the anime. These series may not have gained mainstream popularity yet but possess exceptional qualities that make them truly remarkable. By diving into exclusive content, premium members have the chance to uncover lesser-known anime series and become part of their growing fan base.

c. Immersive Storylines and Unique Characters

Exclusive anime series often come with meticulously crafted storylines and memorable characters. These shows are carefully developed to offer immersive experiences that captivate viewers from episode to episode. Whether it’s a thrilling adventure, a heartwarming slice-of-life tale, or an epic fantasy saga, exclusive anime series on Crunchyroll Premium Apk deliver a diverse range of narratives to satisfy every anime lover’s craving.

d. Engaging Community Discussions

Crunchyroll Premium Apk fosters a vibrant community of anime enthusiasts, and exclusive anime series become a focal point for engaging discussions. Premium members can join the dedicated community forums, share their thoughts on the latest episodes, speculate about future developments, and connect with like-minded fans. It’s a platform where anime lovers can come together to celebrate their favorite shows, characters, and moments.

2. Ad-Free Streaming

Are you an anime lover but whenever you start watching any show you get frustrated because of the unwanted pop-up ads? Well, such pop-up ads and notifications literally spoil your mood. You don’t have to get angry over such ads anymore. Now you can watch your favorite anime shows on Crunchyroll premium apk.  Ads can have a significant impact on the overall anime streaming experience. They can disrupt the immersion, break the flow of the narrative, and distract viewers. Furthermore, some ads may not be relevant to the viewers’ interests, resulting in a less personalized experience. It provides several benefits through its ad-free streaming feature. Let’s explore how this feature enhances the anime viewing experience:

a. Uninterrupted Viewing Pleasure

With ad-free streaming on Crunchyroll Premium Apk, viewers can enjoy uninterrupted anime marathons. There are no commercial breaks to break the immersion or disturb the emotional impact of pivotal scenes. Users can fully immerse themselves in the captivating narratives and character development without any interruptions from ads..

b. Saving Time and Avoiding Distractions

Advertisements often consume valuable time during anime streaming sessions. With ad-free streaming on Crunchyroll Premium Apk, viewers can save time by skipping ads and enjoy a more efficient viewing experience. Additionally, without the distractions caused by ads, viewers can stay focused on the intricate details of the animation, the dialogue, and the overall storytelling.

3. Simulcasts

Simulcasts refer to the practice of streaming anime episodes in real-time or with a minimal delay from their original airing in Japan. Crunchyroll Premium Apk provides this feature to its premium members, ensuring that they can stay up-to-date with the latest releases and avoid the wait for English subtitled episodes. Let’s explore the benefits of simulcasts on Crunchyroll Premium Apk:

a. Keeping Up with the Latest Releases

With simulcasts, Crunchyroll Premium Apk offers premium members the opportunity to watch the newest episodes of their favorite anime series as soon as they become available. This eliminates the frustration of waiting for episodes to be localized and subtitled, allowing you to stay on top of the latest story developments and enjoy the excitement alongside the Japanese audience.

b. Joining the Anime Community

Simulcasts on Crunchyroll Premium Apk foster a sense of community among anime enthusiasts. As episodes are released simultaneously, it creates a shared experience where fans around the world can come together and engage with the latest content. Being part of this global community adds an extra layer of excitement and connection to the anime watching experience.

c. Engaging in Real-Time Discussions

One of the unique aspects of simulcasts is the ability to engage in real-time discussions with fellow fans. Crunchyroll Premium Apk provides a platform for viewers to share their thoughts, theories, and reactions to the latest episodes. Whether through social media or dedicated community forums, you can actively participate in conversations and contribute to the anime community.


Now you can download Crunchyroll premium apk and enjoy your favorite anime programs without getting disturbed. There will be no more unwanted ads and notifications while you will be watching your favorite show. You might be able to download the videos on this application for later use. You can use the application in an offline mood and watch the already downloaded videos. From exclusive series and ad-free streaming to simulcasts and offline viewing, this premium application offers a comprehensive package for anime lovers.


Q1: How is Crunchyroll Premium Apk different from the regular Crunchyroll app?

Crunchyroll Premium Apk provides premium members with exclusive features such as access to exclusive anime series, ad-free streaming, simulcasts, and offline viewing. These features enhance the overall anime streaming experience compared to the regular Crunchyroll app.

Q2: Can I watch anime offline with it?

Yes, Crunchyroll Premium Apk allows you to download episodes for offline viewing. You can download your favorite anime episodes when you have an internet connection and watch them later without needing an internet connection.

Q3: How much does it cost?

Crunchyroll Premium Apk offers different pricing plans, including monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. The cost may vary depending on your region and the selected subscription plan.

Q4: Is Crunchyroll Premium Apk available for iOS devices?

It is primarily designed for Android devices. However, iOS users can access the premium features through the official Crunchyroll app available on the App Store.

Q5: Are subtitles available in it?

Yes, Crunchyroll Premium Apk provides subtitles in multiple languages for a vast selection of anime series.

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