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August 22, 2022
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Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk is a free-to-play mobile game. Dragon Ball Legends is a spin-off of the popular Dragon Ball manga and anime series. In Dragon Ball Legends, players will take control of powerful characters from the Dragon Ball, using their skills to battle against other players in real-time battles. The game features PvP, CO-OP and Clan modes.

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Features of Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk

  • The game features an extensive modification system that allows players to create their own characters, stages, and items.
  • There are also online multiplayer modes that allow up to 8 players to battle against each other.
  • The game uses an energy system that limits the number of times a player can use certain attacks or skills. If a player runs out of energy, they are unable to participate in battle for a certain amount of time.


Pros and Cons of the Game

There are many pros and cons to playing the Dragon Ball Legends mobile game, so it’s important to consider which features are important to you before downloading and playing. Here are some of the key pros and cons of the game:


  • The graphics are realistic and look great on even modest devices.
  • Many popular characters from the Dragon Ball series are playable, making it a fun way to spend an afternoon.
  • The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, keeping players engaged for hours on end.
  • The in-game currency can be used to purchase new characters or items, so there’s always something new to try.
  • The game is constantly updated with new content, making it a great way to stay up-to-date on your favourite anime series.


  • Some players have complained about the high cost of in-game currency, which can quickly bankrupt anyone who isn’t careful.
  • Certain levels require a high level of skill and expertise that may be beyond the average player’s ability.

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Playable Characters in Dragon Ball Legends

Players can also choose to play as villains or heroes, and can team up with friends to take on powerful enemies. There are a variety of modes available, including story mode, training mode, and battle mode. In story mode, players must progress through a series of levels to defeat evil villains. In training mode, players can practice their skills and learn new techniques. Battle mode is where players can challenge friends or other players online. Dragon Ball Legends is free to download and available on Android and iOS devices.


Dragon Ball Legends is one of the most popular action mobile games. It’s a fun game that offers players a lot of customization options to make their experience. If you’re looking for an opportunity to put your strategy skills to the test, or just want to play, then this mod apk is for you.